Hackers Find You by Your Cellphone

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‘Finding out people’s approximate whereabouts by tracing their cellphone signal is something that service providers can easily do, as cellular networks track its subscribers all the time in order to ensure adequate service delivery.

‘We also take for granted that law enforcement and intelligence agencies have easy access to that information by getting court orders that force service providers to share that information with them. But is it possible for other people – most of all, is it possible for criminals – to do the same?…’

The Newest Facebook Scams
Facebook survey, Ex-girlfriend sex videos, and browser plugins

‘Scammers are up to their old tricks on Facebook, tricking users into visiting revenue-generating survey scam websites by appearing to offer sex videos.

‘Using a thumbnail which suggests a link to a sex video, messages posted on compromised Facebook users’ walls attempt to lure their unsuspecting Facebook friends into clicking to see more.

‘And if the use of a saucy snapshot of a naked man and woman in an intimate pose wasn’t enough, the messages also include a variety of names (obscured in the images below) – presumably these are the names of the afflicted users’ Facebook friends…’

Social Networking Sites You Should Be Using
‘Social networking sure has changed over the years. Before Facebook and Twitter dominated the web, we were a lot more familiar with sites like MySpace and LiveJournal. Although a good number of people still use older social networks like MySpace and LiveJournal, the web is really seeing a huge surge in social media innovation – especially with the recent shift toward mobile-based social media consumption.

‘Here is a short and more up to date list of a few of the best performing, most current and trendiest social networks to be using in 2012…’

Download New VLC 2.0 Now
Includes Faster Decoding, Supports Blu-ray

‘VLC Media Player 2.0, dubbed as Twoflower, is a major upgrade with many improvements and new features. VLC Media Player once started as an academic project back in 1996, is now no doubt one of the most popular media players. It hit version 1.0 back in 1999 and finally today, the media player reached version 2.0….’


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