‘Facebook Parenting’ Hilarious Parodies

Sophos: IT Vigilante "Sicheres Arbeiten"Parodies of the execution of a laptop via .45-caliber pistol

‘It’s been two weeks since North Carolina dad Tommy Jordan uploaded his now-infamous YouTube video, “Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.” To say the eight-minute diatribe punctuated by the execution of a laptop via .45-caliber pistol has gone viral since then would be putting it mildly.

‘The video now has more than 28 million views, and peaked the day after it was uploaded with 11 million on that Friday alone, according to YouTube. In its first week up, Jordan’s video got some 215,000 comments and spawned more than 1,000 additional uploads tagged “facebook parenting.”…’

Infographics: Old Sin With A New Spin
‘Beware all you sinful, pleasure seekers out there, this edition of the much anticipated TWIG may have you indulging yourself today. Luckily, the new spin on a few of these guilty titillations may bring you some good. We also have a little something for Gen-Y: turns out, hackers have evolved and gone from online gangs to the mafia of the web, textbooks are going electronic (but is that a good thing?), and we are offering the entrepreneur a step-by-step guide to going big or moving on…’

Where your project might get attention and funding

‘Kickstarter is the coolest new thing on the web that we know. When not making Hype Machine, we’ve been obsessively browsing and funding projects. We quickly noticed though, that we haven’t been exploring more than just a few categories, and we knew there must be a way out of our comfort zones.

‘Instead of sleeping, we made Kickstumbler, an easy way to explore random projects on Kickstarter. You can explore within a category, or across the entire site, for maximum delight. We’ve also made a continuous video channel that plays the brilliant videos where project creators share their missions…’

Contest: Build Your Own Malware Monster
‘Astaro, part of Sophos, is challenging you to build your own “malware monster” out of Lego, then take a picture and upload it to the gallery, like this one:
Terrifying, huh?

‘There are prizes for the five best monsters. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite too.

‘Deadline for entries is 31st March 2012.

‘All the details are on the Astaro website. Get creating!…’

Censored: RFID Chip Insecurity
Now Mythbusters DID do a piece on Radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips, but they were only allowed to focus some of the hokier myths about them, like exploding chips and stuff like that.

However, when they tried to do an episode addressing some of the security concerns of RFID chips, credit card companies crawled out of the wood work to shut it down.

It would seem that the credit card companies are a bit insecure over RFID security…
Video: http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/9493.html



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