Military Mouthpiece Gets Eggs on his Face

As journalist, specializing in “homeland security matters”, it is reasonable for people to expect you to know what you are talking about.

C-SPAN Video Library

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So when Mickey McCarter went on C-SPAN and started talking about the recent conviction of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (the Underwear Bomber) call-in audience members asked repeatedly why he didn’t mention that it was our OWN GOVERNMENT that put Abdulmutallab on the plane.

McCarter claims he knows nothing about that.

That’s not a ‘conspiracy theory’ folks, the FBI was forced to admit it.

Watch as C-SPAN viewers school the fool…

Bearing False Witness Against Women’s Health
‘The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines has charged the Gabriela Women’s Party of allegedly admitting that the Reproductive Health (RH) bill pending in both chambers of Congress, is “ neither pro-poor nor pro-women.”

‘In a report posted on the official CBCP website last February 20, the CBCP said that Gabriela has made the admission in a note on its own Facebook page. It referred to a note made by Gabriela declaring that “the RH bill cannot be genuinely pro-poor and pro-women for as long as it espouses population control, which blames poverty on women’s bodies, fertility and population.”

‘The somewhat misleading news story has prompted Gabriela Rep. Emmi de Jesus to call on the CBCP to “stop bearing false witness against women’s health.”…’

Manila Street Artists Fight Pollution with Catalytic Paint
‘Manila’s street artists have joined the war on smog, using a pollution-eating paint for colourful murals adorning walls along the city’s busiest highway. Chemicals in the paint interact with sunlight to neutralize harmful pollutants…’

Surprising Truths About How We Think and Act
By Ingrid Wickelgren

‘As an editor at Scientific American Mind, I get a sneak peak at a menu of surprises about us—people, that is—that each issue has to offer. As the March/April Mind makes its debut, I wanted to share my favorite brain food from its cognitive kitchen. Here are three not-to-miss messages from its pages. Later this week, I will unveil more of what’s in store for readers…’

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