A More Believable EDSA Story

edsa redux

edsa redux (Photo credit: Stitch)

I am one of the EDSA protesters who stood before military tanks to prevent them from attacking rebel soldiers. Two administrations later, I wished EDSA never happened. The story-video below might explain why.

‘THERE IS another version of the EDSA People Power story, but it is one that EDSA veterans aren’t liking.

‘In this new version, former President Ferdinand Marcos is portrayed as the real hero of EDSA for refusing to fire upon the assembled crowds in February 1986; EDSA was a gathering of military adventurists, veteran professional protesters and communists, and hakot crowds; and Corazon Aquino stayed tucked away in the safety of Cebu while unwitting civilians put their lives on the line…’

Impeachment Trial Might Trigger Another People Power

‘A FORMER human rights lawyer said another People Power revolt may erupt in the aftermath of the Senate impeachment trial.
Democrito Barcenas believed people will once again converge on the streets if the Supreme Court (SC) stops the impeachment proceedings against Chief Justice Renato Corona.

“’I don’t think people will not rise (if a temporary restraining order will be issued to stop the impeachment). A small spark can create a conflagration,” Barcenas said in an interview.

‘Barcenas is hoping Filipinos would continue the campaign to eliminate corruption as the country celebrates the 26th anniversary of the first Edsa People Power revolt.

“’I’m not fully satisfied. The goals that we pursued are still ongoing. The fight against corruption is ongoing,” he said.

‘Barcenas, who was among the activist lawyers jailed in Cebu during martial law, said the charges filed against former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the impeachment trial proved that the war against corruption remains…’


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