Your Next TV Could be a Tablet

Deutsch: CeBIT 2011; Yifang Tablet PC

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If Apple creates one, it will probably be called iTV

‘“Smart TVs” and “connected TVs” may be all the rage at the Consumer Electronics Show, but I think TVs are about to get dumber, not smarter. I’m laying a bet, right here and now, that the days of the television as we know it—a standalone appliance with a built-in tuner, a goofy software interface, and an incomprehensible remote control—are numbered. Five or 10 years from now, if you have a TV in your house at all, it will simply be a dumb terminal, one of several devices that can “catch” the content that you “throw” to it from your main information hub. And that hub will be your tablet…’

Fabric That Converts Body Heat Into Electricity [VIDEO]
The fabric could be used to line car seats for a battery boost or line clothing garments to power devices that monitor performance or your iPod — among other uses.

‘We’ve all heard of solar power and wind power, but researchers at Wake Forest are developing another alternative form of power: thermoelectrics. They’ve created a fabric — comprised of tiny carbon nanotubes — that can convert body heat into an electric charge.

‘The device, called Power Felt, uses temperature differences to create electricity.

“’We waste a lot of energy in the form of heat. For example, recapturing a car’s energy waste could help improve fuel mileage and power the radio, air conditioning or navigation system,” graduate student Corey Hewitt Hewitt says. “Generally thermoelectrics are an underdeveloped technology for harvesting energy, yet there is so much opportunity.”…’

Hotels Adds Facebook Booking [VIDEO]

The Minimal (Non-Bloated) Ubuntu
‘Ubuntu has always been said as the Linux distro for beginners and entry users. It comes with plenty of free software and most of the things will just work after you installed it. However, if you have noticed, the recent build of Ubuntu is getting more and more resource intensive (with more animation and effects) and also come bundled with plenty of software that you probably have no use for. In short, it is getting bloated and doesn’t run well on old laptop anymore (at least in my case). While you can install another distro like Linux Mint, another alternative is to strip off all the software and unnecessary stuff and install Ubuntu from scratch. Here is how you can install a minimal Ubuntu on your (old) PC.

‘To get started, we can use either the Ubuntu Server edition or the Ubuntu minimal CD as the base install. Both come with the minimum packages to get the distro running and don’t come with any pre-installed software. The Ubuntu Server edition is more focus on server usage though. For this tutorial, we will be using the Ubuntu Minimal CD…’

Ubuntu for Android
Complete Ubuntu Desktop for Docked Android Smartphones is an easy to use motivational tool that helps you improve your habits and complete recurring tasks. Every day that you do your task, you mark it as done. Soon the point is no longer the task itself, but keeping the chain intact and achieving a longer chain than before. provides a polished and intuitive way to keep track of your achievements. Remember, don’t break the chain!

Chill: It’s Like Pinterest For Video
Pinterest has been blowing up all over the Internet. Pinterest is focused on images, although you can pin videos too. Chill however is a video-only pinboard site, which is its differentiation.


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