Things You Should Buy Used

Vintage Las Vegas..Lucky Lady .....item 1..Luc...‘Times are tough these days, and every little way to save a few extra dollars is a welcome one. While we may try our best to keep up with the Joneses, it may well be that the Joneses are just as broke as you are and are merely hiding it better. The trick, aside from outrageous credit card debt, is going secondhand. After all, life is just as well-lived even if it is being lived a second time, as long as you elicit the same satisfaction. Here are the top ten things you should buy used:…’

Like Father Like Son
It appears that school shooter T.J. Lane had violence in his life from the beginning

‘Geauga County court records show the father of the teen who authorities say shot five students at Chardon High School on Monday had been arrested many times for violent crimes against women in his life, including Lane’s mother. More than once, police or courts warned him to stay away from the boy and his mother.

‘Authorities said the teen walked into the high school cafeteria early Monday morning, took out a gun and aimed it at several boys. In the end, three students were seriously wounded and one was killed. A fifth student died early Tuesday. T.J. Lane is to appear in Geauga County Juvenile Court Tuesday…’

The Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights
‘The bill of rights is a surprisingly good document, reflecting the fact that there has been a determined effort by the USG to listen to all stakeholders and to keep moving forward without arbitrary deadlines.

‘The document is short, containing just seven points, it is written in clear language, and it sets out some clear concepts:

Individual control: The right to decide how personal data is used. Companies obliged to provide “clear and simple choices” to enable “meaningful decisions”.
Transparency: Access to “easily understandable” information on what companies do with your data and, crucially, why the need it and when they will delete it.
Context: The use of personal information should account for the context in which it was given, including age and “familiarity with technology”.
Security: Personal data needs to be held securely.
Access and accuracy: Consumers should have “reasonable access” to their personal data and be able to make changes to inaccurate information.
Collection: Companies should only collect data that they need; and to dispose, or make anonymous, data when they no longer need it.
Accountability: Companies need to hold employees responsible for following the Bill of Rights, including training and audits…’

Likelihood of legislation?

Rich People More Likely to Cheat
You would be surprised at how little incentive it took to get high-income people to cheat

‘While the poor might seem to have the most reason to cheat and steal, the rich are more likely to be dishonest, a new study shows.

‘In a series of experiments, University of California at Berkeley researchers showed again and again that upper-class individuals were more prone to unethical behavior than people from more deprived backgrounds, according to the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…’

Even Breathing Fresh Air Now a Federal Crime?
‘Well, OK. Maybe not yet. But according to John Stossel’s “Illegal Everything” just about everything else IS against the law.

‘I don’t often praise the so-called ‘main stream media’, especially FOX News, but this mini-documentary on the criminalization of just about everything is spot-on. It is as entertaining as it is
frightening and revealing…’

Government False Flag
A lot of people still seem a little unclear on what a government false flag is.

Who better to spell it out than a witness to the government false flag we all know as the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber?

Kurt Haskell and his wife, two lawyers from Michigan, were on that flight from Amsterdam when the half-wit Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab set fire to his loins in an attempt to blow up the plane.

In this interview he describes the events they witnessed before boarding the plane, on the plane, and after the plane landed in Detroit.

At the sentencing hearing, Mr. Haskell was allowed to give a five minute ‘victim impact statement’ before the Court, to describe how the event affected him. What he had to say is disturbing. I’ve
included the text of that statement at the bottom of the page.


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