Who Has Access To Your Facebook Profile?

Profile shown on Facebook in September 2011

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Critical Out-of-band Flash Player Update
‘Adobe has released a critical update for Flash Player versions and earlier for Windows, OS X, Linux and Solaris and versions and earlier for Android.

‘The patch addresses two CVEs in Flash Player, CVE-2012-0768 and CVE-2012-0769, both reported to Adobe by Google researchers.

‘Chrome users should restart their browser as soon as possible as Google has automatically provided the fix in the latest Chrome update.

‘Non-Chrome browser users can get the latest version ( by surfing to http://get.adobe.com/flash and running the installer for your platform.

‘Android users should visit the Android Marketplace and search for Adobe Flash Player. iOS users don’t need to worry as Apple devices don’t work with Flash :)…’

‘Gawker started a row against Facebook last month by pointing out some of the moderators it outsources work to in Morocco, India and other countries are paid $1 per day.

‘As Forbes points out, Gawker initially made a non-story into a story: while $1 per day is not great, it does amount to the standard minimum wage in the countries where Facebook is sending work. “One of the problems is that many people don’t quite understand how poor many parts of the world are,” Tim Worstall wrote for the magazine.

‘The bigger problem for Facebook users, as noted by the Independent, may be what information those moderators can access…’

Use eMail If You Want Privacy
‘There has been a lot of press attention to the announcement by DataSift that it would be creating “a cloud-computing platform that enables entrepreneurs and enterprises to extract business insights from Twitter’s public Tweets… dating back to January 2010.”…’

Effective Bionic Hands
These are the surprisingly uplifting stories of two young men who have voluntarily amputated their non-working natural hands for bionic replacements, which are controlled by signals from their own brains.

This free backup and collaboration tool is so powerful you can even say goodbye to Powerpoint

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Fullscreen presentations
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