The Intuitive vs The Analytical Mind

Wrapped around your finger

Wrapped around your finger (Photo credit: Marianone)

U.S. Military Seeks Sixth Sense Training

According to Wikipedia, ‘intuition’ may refer to:
1. Intuition (philosophy), the act by which the mind perceives the agreement or disagreement of two ideas
2. Intuition (knowledge), understanding without apparent effort.

I would like to paraphrase the second definition as ‘Perceiving without Reasoning’. The scientific term for ‘intuitive’ is ‘subliminal’. Psychologists have always contrasted the masculine ‘analytical’ mind against the ‘intuitive’ feminine. And law enforcers never cease arguing about that issue. Most depend and rely on reasoning and analysis since most officers are ‘masculine’ men.

Intuition is tactical – tactical meaning the reflexive and mostly quick reaction to a given event. Analytics is strategic – strategic meaning planned course of action. It’s easy to see which would save lives on live battles and accidents.

Security expert Gavin DeBecker is masculine but is a rare and avid defender of ‘intuition’ in his book The Gift of Fear. Now even the US military wisely wants to train its soldiers to be intuitive.


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