Top Cases Of Media False Flags

recreating the mass media

recreating the mass media (Photo credit: Will Lion)

‘The difference between perception and reality all depends on the angle sold to you, and whether or not you buy into it. With no other means to see a world beyond how far one can travel, media is crucial to bringing the greater world closer to home. However, when media fails to do that job (or does it too well), what’s created is a world much more exaggerated and black-and-white than is truly the case. Until the world can be represented accurately and moderately, we must continually live in hyperbole. Here are ten instances of the media blowing things out of proportion:…’

Is Facebook Lawsuit Last Cry For Yahoo?
Former Yahoo exec says it’s pathetic

‘Yahoo surprised no one by suing Facebook for infringing 10 patents on Monday. The one-time Internet giant had dropped hints in the media for several months, and seems to have timed its litigation when Facebook is at its most vulnerable.

‘Observers were divided over whether Yahoo’s lawsuit had merit, with some – including a former board member – saying the company was making a last ditch effort to stay solvent.

“‘Pathetic and heartbreaking last stand for Yahoo,” former Yahoo board member Eric Hippeau tweeted. “It’s all over. I loved you very much…’

How Many Pre-Teens Are on Facebook?
Will your pre-teen also trigger a lawsuit like others did?

‘If you have children of a certain age, they either have their own Facebook accounts or have asked you when they will be old enough to have their own. Parenting used to be a lot easier: back when my daughter was a teen, we just had to worry about AIM and inappropriate websites. Well, those bad sites are still with us, but now we have to contend with social networks.

‘Facebook’s policy is to allow 13 and up to have access, but I know plenty of underage kids that have their own logins. Surveys from last fall show many 10, 11, and 12-year olds have accounts. And whether you agree or disagree with the age limit, you might want to take a look at this survey from SodaHead that was done last week. Not surprisingly, adults and kids differ on what is the most appropriate age of Facebook consent…’

The Curator’s Code
The Curator’s Code is a system for honoring the creative and intellectual labor of information discovery by making attribution consistent and codified, the celebrated norm. It’s an effort to make the rabbit hole open, fair, and ever-alluring.

If you honor the Curator’s Code, submit your pledge with your site.

“Social Fixer for Facebook”
Formerly known as Better Facebook
A free browser extension that improves the Facebook site by eliminating annoyances and adding lots of great enhancements and functionality. It runs in most browsers and installs in just a minute.

Manage and Analyze Your Twitter Community


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