Top 10 Documentaries Worth Seeing

Text Messaging Reference - Text a Librarian On...

Text Messaging Reference - Text a Librarian One Sheet (Photo credit: noelieo)

‘Documentaries are probably the most unappreciated film genre, even as the viewing public seems increasingly enamored with every flavor of reality television. Even worse is when high profile, rabble-rousing pieces from people like Michael Moore or Al Gore discredit documentaries as a whole and steal publicity from smaller, more honest, and more interesting movies. This article will give some well-overdue attention to less famous docs that would, in a fairer world, be better known than all the blockbuster fiction movies or the Ken Burns-type movies…’

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‘For this tutorial we’ll be using Thunderbird for Windows and Gmail. The steps we’ll be guiding you through, however, will work for Thunderbird on any OS and for any web-based email provider which allow you to access your email through a third-party client—in fact, Thunderbird does an excellent job detecting the necessary information just from your email address…’

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Here’s an example of what you will generate: for iPhone delivers the must-read news from your friends on Twitter and Facebook.


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