Miami Heat Wears Hoodies for Trayvon

Wizards v/s Heat 03/30/11

Wizards v/s Heat 03/30/11 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Twitter Users Adopt Hoodie Avatars in Trayvon Martin Protest
‘…LeBron James tweeted a picture of his own—the whole Heat team, all wearing black hoodies, all with heads bowed, looking almost like monks. James also went without text—just the hashtags #WeAreTrayvonMartin #Hoodies #Stereotyped #WeWantJustice.

Space Tourism by 2014
‘We’ve talked about some of the progress towards manned commercial spaceflight before. I would even say that it is one of Fellow GEEK’s favorite things to talk about, and we talk about it whenever we can. So it with a fair bit of excitement that I’m writing this piece. The FAA is expecting that we will have the first manned commercial launches within the next 1-2 years, and that the industry will be worth $1 billion 10 years from now. Excited yet?

‘George Nield, associate administrator for the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation, testified in front of the House Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics…’

Microsoft’s Mind-Blowing 3D Desktop [VIDEO]
‘If this futuristic interface sounds like something out of the Minority Report, that’s because it is. Unlike much of the technology in tablets and iPhones, this new 3D desktop display is not so much touch-based as it is interaction based. It’s one part Samsung OLED technology and one part Microsoft Kinect. To keep the 3D system illusion intact, the desktop display uses cameras to keep track of where your head is.

‘The system is still a work in progress. As Lee explains on his website, it actually began as a research project while he was interning for the Applied Sciences Group at Microsoft…’

Viral Videos You Should Archive
‘If you’re feeling nostalgic, we’ve whipped up a serving of vintage video memes from the glory days. Whether you were in college watching YouTube videos with your friends, or laughing at a joke that got passed around the office, there’s likely at least one personal memory or two attached to these classics…’

The Badoo Project
Badoo is the world’s largest and fastest growing social network for meeting new people. First launched in 2006, it has around 140 million registered users worldwide and more than 125,000 new users signing up every day. You can check it out at

Jolicloud Me
Making Your Own Personal Cloud … From All the Other Clouds
If you haven’t tried the awesome Joli OS and Jolicloud, register for this beta


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