Tech Will Kill Disability – Hugh Herr

Hugh Herr demos his robotic legs, Economist Te...

Hugh Herr demos his robotic legs, Economist Technology Frontiers, Old Street, Hackney, London, UK (Photo credit: gruntzooki)

You probably have witnessed how some technology are prolonging life. This MIT professor, amputee and climber says that technology can wipe out disability.

‘This man is Hugh Herr. His story is well documented. In 1982, Herr was climbing a tricky ice route on Huntington Ravine, Mount Washington when a blizzard hit. Herr and his companion Jeff Batzer dug themselves into snow caves where they were stuck for almost four days in temperatures as low as -28 degrees C. Both suffered serious frostbite. Batzer had his lower left leg, the toes on his right foot and fingers on his right hand amputated. Herr lost both of his lower legs.

‘Within months, Herr was climbing again using prosthetic legs, eventually designing his own. He became a pioneer in making bionics a reality for amputees, helping replace lost limbs with computerised, machine versions. He leads the biomechatronics field working out of the MIT Media Lab in the US. He’s had books and films made about his life. He’s an important guy…’

Big Victory for the Digital World
Microsoft and Feds Bring Down Zeus Botnet Servers [VIDEO]

‘Microsoft, working with others in the financial services and computer security industry, has disrupted a number of botnets being used by the Zeus malware family.

‘The company claims that botnets using ZeuS, SpyEye and Ice-IX variants of the ZeuS family of malware are responsible for nearly half a billion dollars in damages.

‘Office buildings in Illinois and Pennsylvania were raided by US Marshals, accompanied by Microsoft investigators, on Friday, and web servers being used by cybercriminals deactivated. The seized computers will be examined to see if they reveal further information about who might be behind the criminal campaign. At the same time, the firm seized control of hundreds of web domains being used for malevolent purposes…’

Amazing Slow Motion Videos of Everyday Things

Zscaler Safe Shopping
This browser add-on will make your on-line shopping safer

‘The Zscaler SafeShopping plugin is continually fed information regarding compromised and fake online stores. It warns you when you visit one of these domains. The list of domains is checked and updated regularly via Zscaler’s cloud security service…’


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2 Responses to Tech Will Kill Disability – Hugh Herr

  1. David Spira says:

    The power for technology to heal and feed gives me so much hope.


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