A Criticism of Steve Jobs’ Leadership

Steve Jobs and Walt Mossberg at the All Things...

Steve Jobs and Walt Mossberg at the All Things D conference in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are so many critiques of Job’s style of leadership but this time, Mulhern caught my attenton. Do you esteem Jobs highly? If so, can you refute Mulhern’s opinion of Jobs?
Dan Mulhern is a nationally recognized expert in the fields of leadership, gender and organizational culture.

What Steve Jobs Got Wrong– And How You Can Get it Right

‘The success of Apple is incontrovertible. It is utterly astounding. And, as Isaacson persuasively argues, it was Jobs’ personal passion for perfection that was at the core of that culture. Remove his personal drive and you lose not only remarkable product breakthroughs but the culture that relentlessly developed great products. Again, awesome. I would go further to say that perhaps the greatest reason people were so loyal to Apple/Jobs was the repeated feeling of winning, of delivering, of innovating. It was worth the suffering and public humiliation that Jobs doled out and openly admitted was his style. So, why not cut him slack, and just accept there are always downsides to results-focused leadership styles?

‘Two reasons. First, high standards – even perfectionism – are not inconsistent with respecting people as people…’
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