Dallas Tornado Lifts 18-Wheelers

‘Live video showed a huge funnel cloud moving through a populated area as flashes of exploding power lines lit the sky. Vehicles were thrown across a major highway.

‘Large trucks were seen being flung through the air. “There’s lots of 18-wheelers,” said one NBC 5 reporter near Arlington. “I’ve never seen this before.”…’

More images:

I find it hard to believe that these tornadoes are natural so are these tornadoes man-made?
Weather Control: Steering Hurricanes, Artificial Tornadoes, Man Made Lightning, Creating Rain And Snow

Wisconsin Mysteries Becoming Weirder
More strange geological happenings
‘As if the Clintonville Booms (ha! sounds like a high school football team) weren’t enough, a hundred miles south of
Clintonville, in Watertown, exploding kitchen floor tiles ripped through a school cafeteria.

‘It was described as being reminiscent of the horror movie ‘Tremors’, in which nasty creatures tunnel rapidly underground.

‘The school was closed for one day and reopened, but once again there is no explanation for the event.

‘However, back in Clintonville, one of the mysterious booms has finally been recorded. The city of Clintonville has release the

The World’s Happiest Country
‘How happy is your country? In a report released for the meeting, economists John Helliwell, Richard Layard and Jeffrey Sachs round up what is known about happiness around the globe.

‘Different groups have asked different questions to measure happiness. In the widest such survey, Gallup asked people to rate their lives from 0 to 10. It found huge differences in global happiness: More than a third of Europeans ranked themselves an 8 or higher. Less than 5% said so in sub-Saharan Africa…’

According to polls taken from 2005 to 2011, these were the happiest countries:

New Zealand

‘The United States ranks 11th, just after Ireland. The unhappiest countries were Togo (ranked last), Benin, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Comoros, Haiti, Tanzania, Congo and Bulgaria. Bhutan, which pioneered the happiness index, is not included in the Gallup World Poll. (Other surveys rank countries differently from Gallup. To see some of the other rankings, read the full report.)

‘It’s not hard to notice that the unhappiest countries are also some of the poorest.The four happiest countries have incomes that are 40 times higher than the four unhappiest countries, the report said. People can also expect to live 28 years longer in the happiest nations…’

Evidence of Fire Use Dated Earlier
Humans Had Fire 1M Years Ago
‘Flame-bearing Prometheus may have visited humans earlier than we thought. An analysis of charred bones and plant ash in sediment from a South African cave suggests that Homo erectus was wielding fire a million years ago — and perhaps even cooking with it, according to a study released Monday by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

‘The findings present the earliest clear evidence of such use of fire, experts said.

‘The ability to control fire marks an evolutionary turning point: It would have kept our ancient relatives warm in unforgiving climes and allowed them to cook their food, releasing trapped nutrients and getting more caloric bang per bite…’


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