Dogs Loyal Even to Their Dog Pals

Labrador quax 2

Labrador quax 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grace, a black Lab, stood guard over pal which was struck by a car.
We once owned a Black lab whose greatest asset was detecting suspicious strangers 30 feet away even when he isn’t facing the gate and his eyes are closed

‘Animal control officials are seeking the owner, or a new home, for a brave 2-year-old Labrador who refused to abandon her companion, another dog that had been struck by a car on Hacienda Boulevard in La Puente.

‘”Grace,” as she’s being called by officials from the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control, was first spotted by a passer-by Wednesday morning in the 1200 block of Hacienda Boulevard, just north of Fairgrove Avenue, DACC officials said in a written statement.

“‘(Grace was) laying in the street next to another dog, which was motionless and had Called Grace by animal control employees, a 2-year-old Labrador refused to abandon her canine companion, which had been struck by a car on Hacienda Boulevard in La Puente. (Photo courtesy County Department of Animal Care and Control)
suffered obvious head trauma,” according the statement.

‘The loyal black Labrador refused to leave the side of her companion, though the other dog had died, DACC spokesman Aaron Reyes said…’

Foraging Elephants Shooed Off with Chili
Farmers Fight Elephants With Chili Peppers

‘When the elephants visit Mr. Longwa’s cornfield these days, they screw up their long noses and trumpet in consternation.

‘Mr. Longwa has treated his fence with chili mixed with engine oil—a preparation that adheres to the fence, even in heavy rain. “They will mull it over and often circle two to three times,” the farmer says of the elephants that approach his fence. “But once they get a real whiff of the chili, they snuffle and sneeze.” And leave the scene.

‘A successful campaign against poachers—and the expansion of national park land—has seen a rise in the elephant population in parts of east Africa. Meanwhile, more farmers are settling nearby in search of fertile land. The result is a rising number of face-to-face meetings between man and elephant…’

Angry Swan Kills Kayaker
‘Angry Birds’ game should not be taken lightly after all

‘Anthony Hensley, a 37-year-old married father of two, worked for a company that used swans and dogs to keep geese away from properties.

‘He was checking on the swans near the Bay Colony condominiums in unincorporated Des Plaines Saturday morning when one of the swans swam at him, causing Hensley to roll off his kayak into the water.

‘Cook County sheriff’s investigators believe Hensley either got too close to the swan or the swan’s nesting area.

‘According to witnesses, the swan continued to swim after Hensley as he tried to make it to shore. By the time rescue personnel arrived, Hensley was under water. An autopsy found he died from drowning…’


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