Incredible ‘Energy-Saving Light’

Blinking incandescent light bulb with bimetall...

Blinking incandescent light bulb with bimetallic strip (1960s; from a pinball). The slow-motion animation shows the moment when the strip opens. Deutsch: Blinkende Glühlampe mit Bimetallschalter (1960er Jahre; aus einem Flipperautomaten). Die Animation in Zeitlupe zeigt den Augenblick, in dem der Schalter öffnet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It turns on and off as you blink

‘Are you aware that when blinking, the brain temporarily switches off? Taking this idea – coupled with energy saving technology – to the extreme, inventor and Instructables technology editor, Randy Sarafan devised an innovative solution to making us aware of our electricity consumption habits. With his ‘Energy Saving Light,’ Sarafan has created a wearable lamp device that operates only when your eyes are open. The light reacts to each blink – bringing light when needed and darkness when not…’

N. Korea Website Designed by Accident
‘Robert Westmore of Southern California designs websites for a living — but he was shocked to learn that he had designed a new homepage for the reclusive North Korean regime.

‘“I had no idea,” he told in an interview. “Honestly, I didn’t even know North Korea had a website.”

‘While the notorious totalitarian government continues to spend hundreds of millions on failed rocket launches, North Korea skimps in other areas, notably web design. Indeed the country spent just $15 redesigning its national homepage, — a fact accidentally discovered by an unsuspecting college student…’

Sync your Google Docs across all your devices
Why should you use Insync over Dropbox?

Way cheaper storage — Google charges $0.25 per GB/year and Dropbox charges $2.00 per GB/year. That’s 8x difference. Plus you can get 20GB for $5/year.
Extensive sharing features…

SEO and Unnatural Links
Linking to big trouble
‘What’s being called the Unnatural Links update is rocking the SEO world. In March 2012 people started receiving warnings from Google about “unnatural links” and then many of those sites’ rankings in search results have taken a nosedive. Some sites have been de-indexed, which means their site’s pages no longer show up in Google at all.

‘The scary part? Unlike other Google algorithm changes, you can’t respond to this one by changing things on your site. This time, it’s about links to your site from other websites (commonly called backlinks) that you most likely don’t have control over – including sites you may never have asked to link to you…’
Make sure you don’t have links from blog networks
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A web-based service dedicated to helping you create web forms and manage submitted responses
With our state-of-the-art and free Form Builder you can create forms that look great in just a few minutes. You can even try it right now, no registration is required to start building your web form. You can also choose among dozens of form templates shared by our users to get started.

Learn a language for free and simultaneously translate the Web


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