Review: How Good is Raspberry Pi?

Extract from Raspberry Pi board at TransferSum...

Extract from Raspberry Pi board at TransferSummit 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raspberry Pi Review & Initial How-To Setup Guide

‘…Considering its price, the Raspberry Pi is quite remarkable. It’s obviously no powerhouse, but $35 gets you a system capable of office work, light image editing, browsing, programming, emailing and so on. The Pi’s versatility makes it suitable for various dedicated roles too, such as a torrent box downloading through external USB or network drives, or as an XMBC-based HTPC, which we might cover eventually.

‘Although there are many obvious uses for the Raspberry Pi, the platform’s open nature means your imagination is the limit. It’ll be interesting to see what the community cooks up in the coming months. We’ll be watching and posting our own how-to guides when time comes…’

How to Get the Old Gmail Look Back
The majority of Gmail users like the new design so I think my petition to Scrap the New Gmail is no go. But there’s still an easy way to get the old one back

‘Gmail’s redesign is now mandatory — the opt-out option is gone. Use a third-party style sheet to get the old Gmail look back or tweak Gmail’s settings to undo some of the changes.

‘If you like the new look, that’s great – but if you don’t, you have a choice. The options here will help Gmail look more like the webmail system you’re used to…’

Make Your Windows Computer Logon Automatically
‘Ever wished you didn’t have to type in your password every time Windows starts up, but you don’t want to lose the additional security that comes with having a password? If that’s the case then today’s your lucky day, lets take a look…’

Note: We’re showing Windows 8 in this example, but this should work in Windows 7 or Vista as well.

Skype Being Used to Spread Malware
Syrian Government Pushing Malware To Activists Via Skype

‘Security company F-Secure has discovered the Syrian government has used Skype and social engineering to infect activist systems with surveillance tools.

‘Some time ago, the F-Secure lab received a hard drive with an image of a system for analysis. The system belonged to a Syrian activist. It contained a backdoor, sent from the account of another activist, but the latter was in custody at the time and could not possibly have been on Skype.

‘According to F-Secure, using Trojans and backdoors to spy on citizens has become a regular tactic for oppressive regimes…’
Wolves in sheep’s clothing

Whatever the project, Ideas get bigger and better when we work with each other. Wunderkit is social at heart, and so are you.
It’s a match made in heaven.

Many Eyes
Create a visualization in three easy steps. 1)Choose a data set. 2)Choose a visualization. 3)Customize and publish.
An experiment brought to you by IBM Research and the IBM Cognos software group.


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  1. Saad Faruque says:

    still waiting for my one


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