Gay Marriage Reactions

Here are the sites with varying reactions:

The Atlantic

The Stranger

The Daily Beast


Russian Jet Vanishes in Mid-Flight
Indonesian officials believe It may have crashed or have been hijacked

‘A Russian jet carrying 50 passengers has disappeared from the radars during a demonstration flight for potential buyers in the Indonesian capital. Hijacking and a high-altitude crash into a mountain have not been ruled out.

‘Due to low visibility and fog the helicopters had to stop the search and return to base. The rescue operation is now restricted to a ground search. The search will continue throughout the night.

‘“Now we are mobilizing ground teams in coordination with the local police and military units to find the aircraft’s whereabouts,” the Indonesian Search and Rescue Agency chief, Vice Marshal Daryatmo told the Jakarta Post…’

Do You Know This Brilliant Car Feature?
‘Last time we investigated some mysterious wires you may or may not have seen strung above you on city streets. Today we’ll examine something most readers will have looked at for hours—but not necessarily noticed.

‘It’s on the instrument panel of a newish car. Along the arc between the F and E is a symbol for a little gas pump. To the left of it is an arrow. What’s it for?

‘The symbol means the gas pump is on the left side of the car. What’s more, this little arrow is on nearly every car sold in the U.S. in the last few years. Tom Mutchler, a senior engineer for Consumer Reports, says that the “vast majority” of new cars have this arrow—even the Porsche Panamera (manufacturer’s suggested retail price: between $75,200 and $173,200) and the Mini Cooper Countryman, automobiles that you won’t find on a typical rental lot any time soon…’

Save A Week’s Worth of Hassle in One Hour
‘You have a busy life and a to-do list a mile long. Unfortunately simply adding a new task to your to-do list doesn’t actually mean it’ll get done. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get out in front of your to-dos at work and at home, always know what’s on your plate, and even have a little time to think about how you can work smarter instead of slaving away every day? You can, and it’s easy to do: you just need to incorporate a weekly review into your schedule…’


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