The Horrifying Truth About Fukushima

“The fate of the world depends on Reactor 4”

‘A nuclear inspector just said that the fate Japan and much of the world depends on Fukushima’s Reactor Number 4. If this damaged structure collapses, the spread of radiation would go way beyond Japan’s borders and be truly catastrophic.

‘Since last year’s tragic earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima, a pool of highly dangerous spent nuclear fuel is being held in reactor 4’s crumbling structure. Experts say another earthquake would cause the pool to collapse and emit such high radiation that the 35 million people in Tokyo would be forced to evacuate. It would also contaminate the skies across the Pacific and into Asia. The area around the toxic pool is vulnerable to regular seismic shocks, but, amazingly, the government is denying the risks, likely desperate not to cause panic.

‘Global nuclear experts, a US Senator and tens of thousands of people across Japan are raising the alarm. Japan has the technology to stop this disaster. But we need a global wave of public pressure to the UN to force the government to work with the experts to curb this lethal threat that would dwarf last year’s disaster. Sign the petition on the right and forward this to everyone…’

Bank Chief Confirms New World Order Is Being Built at the Highest Levels
‘You believe in the “new world order?” You’re a paranoid nutball, right? Well, here’s a revealing report showing the global regulatory solutions to the four-year old financial crisis and the realization of a UN-based “new world order” are intimately linked.

‘This is not some crazy “conspiracy theory.” This is the analysis of Mr. R. Seetharaman, CEO of Qatar’s largest, private commercial bank incorporated in 1979.

‘It’s hot off the presses as of May 20th, published by and posted at the Doha Bank media center. One can pooh-pooh Mr. Seetharaman’s position based on the idea that Qatar is one of those funny, little Middle Eastern countries. But as we have pointed out previously, the powers-that-be are engaged in a full-on Westernization process of Islam using the smallest Middle Eastern countries as a kind of monetary wedge.

‘With the backing of media-giant Bloomberg, Qatar has been picked to provide the QIBOR (a replacement for the staggering LIBOR) providing a daily reference point for banks borrowing unsecured funds from other banks. Total amount of funds affected? Up to US$90 trillion.

‘Qatar is a “player.” So, likely, is Seetharaman. Here’s a little more:…’

A Horror Story
Child Protective Services Experiments, OD’s Girl

‘I present this story to you because, though it is an individual case, it is a very articulated example of what goes on in great
numbers. In Houston, Child Protective Services tried for years to get their hands on a particular little girl and when they finally did they put the 3 year old on excessive doses of multiple psychotropic ‘medications’, which caused the girl unimaginable harm.

‘NOTE: They call the agency Child Protective Services, but in many cases that is not an accurate name for it. As I said, this happens
in ‘great numbers’, so you can expect a follow-up post on this point very soon…’

Beat This: Skydive Without Parachute
Stuntman Gary Connery uses ‘wingsuit’ in first-of-its-kind stunt

‘A stuntman is thought to have become the first person to jump out of a helicopter and land safely without deploying a parachute.

‘Gary Connery, 42, used a “wingsuit” to make his descent from 2,400ft (730m) above Oxfordshire.

‘The 42-year-old said he felt “elated” after landing on a pile of 18,600 cardboard boxes.

‘He was fitted with a parachute for the jump, which saw him accelerate to 80mph, but it was not deployed.

‘The entire flight took less than a minute to complete…’ Is Now Live
‘Alex Jones is proud to announce the official launch of Planet Infowars (BETA), a social network platform that will allow awakening minds to connect, organize and form pockets of resistance worldwide against the New World Order’s slow encroachment of total tyranny. Whether you are hoping to meet like minds for dating, form a group or accomplish preparation and training, Planet is YOUR latest and most powerful tool to break through the establishment’s media matrix deception. Learn the truth for yourself, then share it with others, all without Big Brother collecting and selling all your data like Facebook, Google, Twitter and other platforms do…’


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