Texas Hailstorm Damage: $400 million

Hail storm, May 9, 2005 1 of 6

Hail storm, May 9, 2005 1 of 6 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And the hail storm was just short. “It sounded like a war,” said Jay Knearem, a Lakewood resident, describing the noise of the hail pounding down.

‘The Insurance Council of Texas now says the cost of the storm may exceed $400 million, which is more than the tab for the April tornadoes in Arlington and Forney.

‘Much of the damage was to cars. Based on conversations with major insurance carriers, News 8 estimated more than 10,000 people have already filed automotive claims…’

Hospital Employees Inject Patients with Hepatitis C
How does that happen? The medics were probably high with drugs themselves. Add that to incidents of using infected needles

‘Why would anyone go around poking patients with a used syringe that contains Hepatitis C ? This is because people act stupid and unaware of the consequences when they are high and filled with a bunch of hospital patients to watch over.Well, this was one of the outcomes that officials deducted when the incident happened. The state public health of New Hampshire has been on this case for the last 3 weeks and has yet to find the culprit. One of the scenarios is best described to be done by employees of the hospital , while there are still 3 more possibilities to be ruled out. Though all of the information cannot be disclosed, we can only hope that the case will be resolved soon. Source: The Consumerist Via Bangor Daily News…’

Cops Hunt Surgeon After Fatal Shooting
Military-trained doctor on the run after ex-girlfriend shot. I bet he was either high too or worse, a mental case

‘A trauma surgeon at Erie County Medical Center suspected of luring his ex-girlfriend into a hospital stairwell before fatally shooting her multiple times at point-blank range remained at large late Wednesday.

‘A SWAT team had surrounded Dr. Timothy V. Jorden Jr.’s half-million-dollar Lake View home for nine hours before police completed their search and determined he was not there…’

What Makes Video Games Addictive?
Moments That Make Video Games Worth It

‘Why do we play video games? It has to look like the world’s stupidest hobby to somebody who isn’t into it, and I don’t think the answer I used to give (“Leave me alone, Mom! GOD!”) really holds up anymore. Well, let me give it another try.

‘Because every time a particularly trashy or embarrassing video game appears, I feel the need to defend the medium as worthwhile. As a gamer who’s pushing 40, there’s still some shame attached to the hobby (sometimes for good reason), and let me assure you, I have much worse things to be ashamed about. Much worse. Much, much worse.

‘Anyway, as a writer I am known for two things: complaining about the video game industry and huge sentient insects that burrow into people’s heads and take over their minds. So let me break from both of those things and, with joy in my heart, try to explain what it feels like …’

Top Covered-up Wars And Battles
‘One of the sad truths about our little human race is that, far too often, we just don’t like each other. This goes for the little guy and heads of state equally. Of course when the latter don’t like each other, war is often the result.

‘We all know the famous battles glorified by history books: Gettysburg, Bunker Hill, Iwo Jima, and the like. But not all battles are created equal. Some get buried in the minds of the few who ordered it or participated in it. Not because the story isn’t interesting; it’s just that somebody up high doesn’t want you to hear about it, for one political reason or another. Luckily, we’re not those people, and we believe your fragile little mind can handle hearing stories like:…’

Remember, if the barcode on an item you’re buying starts with 6-9, it’s made in China, fake, or poisoned. Don’t buy it.


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