UK Protesters Charged as Organized Criminals

English: Security fence and sewage works, Harw...

Four people who chained themselves to gates at Buckingham Palace have been accused under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act

Bill Gates: Tablets Not Much Help in Education

Isn’t that puzzling that Gates would say that just after Microsoft Surface was recently released? Reverse psychology?

‘The Chronicle sat down with Mr. Gates in an exclusive interview Monday to talk about his vision for how colleges can be transformed through technology. His approach is not simply to drop in tablet computers or other gadgets and hope change happens—a model he said has a “really horrible track record.” Instead, the foundation awards grants to reformers working to fix “inefficiencies” in the current model of higher education that keep many students from graduating on time, or at all…’

Home Devices That Connect to Twitter

‘Twitter isn’t just a sounding board for the latest news headlines or funniest memes. It can also be used as a command system for the home devices you use every day — from your coffee pot to your washing machine. We found five smart devices that connect you with your social media feeds, so you never miss a beat (or a hot cuppa joe)…’

Explosive Facebook Status Updates Exposed

Beware of a new site called “We know what you’re doing”

‘We know of such anguish because a) these people posted publicly on Facebook, and b) a new site called “We know what you’re doing” has aggregated some of the choicer content for us, delivered courtesy of Facebook via its Graph API, according to the developer behind the new site.

‘That developer is an 18-year-old named Callum Haywood who lives in Nottingham, England.

‘As Haywood has written on the site’s “About this tool” page, the site is fueled by a tool he created that queries the Facebook Graph API and outputs the results.

‘There’s nothing slimy or hackerish about it: as Haywood notes, there’s nothing on the site that’s not accessible to anyone who cares to query the social media site…’

What you need to know about Facebook sneakily swapping users’ default email addresses to

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