Computer and Sitting a Deadly Combination

If I hadn’t seen the message on this poster, which I discovered wasn’t a joke, I would still be not convinced that computer jobs are not hazardous. I now have a clue why I’m feeling sicker as days go by. See infographics here:

Clever Ways to Charge Your Devices
Do you recharge your phone from your laptop? You can

Encrypt Your Flash Drive with TrueCrypt
If you want a top-secret flash drive
‘The current version of PGP Disk costs money and is geared strictly for business, so I recommend TrueCrypt, which Schneier described as “another fine alternative.” It’s not only free, but open source, and can be easily made portable (meaning it doesn’t have to be installed–an important feature if you’re carrying the data on a flash drive).

‘After you install TrueCrypt onto your PC, you can simply drag the program folder (which is less than 8MB) to your flash drive. Once there, you can run it on any Windows computer with a USB port. Just open the folder and run the program…’


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  3. You can type blogs while on a treadmill!


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