Items Still Actually ‘Made in America’

If you live outside US, you could be surprised to find that the gifts you receive from US were made in your own country

‘No, Converse Chuck Taylors, Levi’s Jeans, American Girl dolls and even Craftsman tools aren’t strictly “Made In The U.S.A.” anymore, despite 61% of Americans telling AdWeek and Harris they’d pay more for American-made products. Yes, the University of Michigan says American manufacturers make only 75% of the items America consumes and may make less if manufacturing continues to be neglected. That doesn’t mean there aren’t still great items being produced on our shores each day under brand names Americans have loved for generations.

‘In fact, the U.S. is even encroaching on the turf of some of its biggest rivals. We took a look around the market and found 10 items that are still proudly Made in the U.S.A.: …’

4th of July Fireworks Banned Due to Extreme Heat
‘In the U.S. West, extreme warmth coupled with dry conditions snuffed out annual firework displays in scores of towns and cities, which are reeling from deadly wildfires that charred hundreds of homes and displaced tens of thousands of people.

‘On the East Coast, tragedy struck when a cache of fireworks apparently accidentally exploded on the back porch of a family home in New Hampshire on Tuesday night, injuring nine people including two young children whose wounds were life threatening, according to Pelham, N.H., firefighter Shawn Buckley. The children, both under age 4, were airlifted to Boston-area hospitals, according to Buckley…’

Why Carrying Ice Cream in Vehicle is Dumb
Driver commits hit-and-run because her Ice Cream was melting

‘An Arkansas driver told cops that she fled the scene of an accident Sunday night because she was concerned that, if she stopped, ice cream she was carrying home would melt, according to police…’

Why Drinking While Thieving is Dumb
Drunk Thief Falls Asleep in the Middle of Burglary

‘One of the most hapless robberies in a while ended in failure because the thief drunk a bottle of vodka he came across and fell asleep, Moscow region investigators said on Monday.

‘The owner of the apartment targeted by the suspect called police when she saw the lock broken, the regional branch of the Investigative Committee said.

‘Bladerunner’ Pistorius Makes it to Olympics
Remember the runner with bionic prosthetic legs? He will run as part of South Africa’s 4×400 relay team, and in the 400m race. He became the first amputee track athlete ever to compete at the Games.


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