Science, Technology, and Your Life

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What you need to know about science and technology now
Even Plato unwittingly predicted what is happening now with his allegory of the dark cave

‘Mankind is at a crossroads. Humanity faces a decision: embrace the dreams of the universe and the fact that humanity is special and has potential, or succumb to the death of domination by a predatory elite bent on wrecking the species and limiting the paradigms of the mind…’

Discovery Puts Leukemia in Remission
Doctors Discover Genetic Treatment for Leukemia
The downside is you also have to buy a drug worth $330 a day. The story is interesting though so don’t skip

‘The researchers on the project put other work aside for weeks, running one of the university’s 26 sequencing machines and supercomputer around the clock. And they found a culprit — a normal gene that was in overdrive, churning out huge amounts of a protein that appeared to be spurring the cancer’s growth.

‘Even better, there was a promising new drug that might shut down the malfunctioning gene — a drug that had been tested and approved only for advanced kidney cancer. Dr. Wartman became the first person ever to take it for leukemia.

‘And now, against all odds, his cancer is in remission and has been since last fall…’

Chicago Heatwave Might Be Deadliest
Chicago ‘cools’ down but heat-related deaths rise to ten

‘The insufferable heat spell that engulfed the city with 100-plus-degree temperature days is over, taking with it the lives of ten people whose deaths are being tied to the extreme heat.

‘At first glance, Saturday morning appeared to follow the rhythm of the past three 100-plus-degree temperature days, quickly shooting up to 98 degrees near O’Hare and Midway airports. But that temperature steadily dropped to 81 degrees by early evening, according to National Weather Service officials, who earlier forecasted that the mercury wasn’t going to rise to 100 degrees.

‘Still, Friday’s sweltering heat – which reached 103 degrees at O’Hare Airport – played a role in at least four more deaths, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office…’

Questionable Fast Food Additives
‘We live in a society that appreciates convenience over substance; this is true in multitudinous ways, but none so visible as in the way we eat. Being able to eat on the go and with little to no added effort or cost on the receiving end is a cherished attribute of living in the century we do. Unfortunately, this is done with little knowledge or regard for what actually goes into the trappings of that foil wrapper or styrofoam clamshell. The truth of the matter may be a little more than your stomach can handle (even if you did Supersize your order). Here are 10 questionable – and some downright scary – additives which can be found in your fast food, whether you like it or not…’

The World’s Fastest Magician
Watch Hans Klok do 10 Illusions in 5 Minutes


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