The Best Gardens of the World

‘A garden is a planned out space specifically for plants and other forms of nature. They are usually set outdoors and can have man-made and natural materials. Gardens are a great place to relax and have some nice family time. You could even hang out with your friends or plan a picnic. I am very fond of gardens and even though I have not had many chances to visit the following, I would really love to. This particular list talks about the top ten gardens in the world. Be sure to visit the whenever you are in the area, I know I will…’

Cult Punishes Sorcerers by Eating Them
Witch doctors demanded sex for payment which triggered a hunt-and-eat punishment. I hope they do this to corrupt executives too

Papua New Guinea police have arrested members of an alleged cannibal cult accused of killing at least seven people, eating their brains raw and making soup from their penises, a report said Friday.

‘The 29 people, who appeared in court this week charged with murder and cannibalism, were part of a 1,000-strong group formed to combat errant sorcerers who The National newspaper said had begun charging exorbitant fees.

‘The cost of a witch doctor revealing a cause of death or casting out an evil spirit was usually 1,000 kina ($475) cash, plus a pig and a bag of rice, but some were also demanding sex as payment.

‘”It’s against our traditional ethics and morals for a sorcerer to have intercourse with a man’s wife or teenage daughter,” said one local cult leader in the Tangi area, inland from Madang province on PNG’s northeast coast.

‘”That was the main cause of frustration that led to the forming of a group to hunt down sorcerers…’

Why Airline Food Needs to be Salty [Video]
Why does airplane food have 30% more salt than a typical meal?
The stewards are not trying to kill you. Cabin dryness strips flavor from perfect dishes so chefs compensate by over-salting


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