Save Our Reproductive Health Bill


Of all the social issues, I become most passionate about irresponsible parenthood. Just seeing homeless street children makes me see red. Just this morning, I heard about an 15-year-old girl living nearby who doesn’t want to come back home. Reason: She is the eldest of six siblings and her family is a semi-squatter living in just one room. You imagine the rest. It’s always the eldest who suffer most when a family is ‘unplanned’. This isn’t a rare local case. You will find the same everywhere in the second-class neighborhoods of our country. Don’t ever tell me that God commanded us to multiply if you’re out of context. Hint: The world population before Christ was only about 50 million – I declare that it’s the devil who is very happy with irresponsible parents. I’ll take you on whoever you are.

‘In days, our Congress could take the pivotal step of securing universal access to birth control and maternal care for all Filipinos — but the powerful Catholic Church and its political allies could kill it unless we act now.

‘Over 70% of the Filipino population supports the Reproductive Health (RH) bill, but politicians fearful of Church pressure have for years ignored public opinion. The tide, however, may be turning. Experts say President Aquino’s brave endorsement of the Bill last week could convince other lawmakers to do the same – let’s tip the balance in our favor by telling Congress we won’t sit by idly while they kill the bill for the 14th year in a row.

‘The House of Representatives votes in 6 days and it’s likely to be close – if it dies here, we’ll have to wait one more year to even bring up the subject. Sign the urgent petition on the right now and forward widely – when we reach 30,000 signatures, we’ll deliver it straight to the House in Quezon City…’

My Avaaz petition for the creation of ammunition control law:


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