Deadly Toxin Build-up in Your Body

‘Did you know that one of the primary causes of disease is the slow accumulation of toxic compounds in the body, coupled with nutrient deficiencies at the cellular level? In layman’s terms, when you retain more toxins in your body than you can effectively eliminate through your liver, kidneys, colon, lymphatic system, lungs or skin, they will eventually end up storing in cells, tissues, organs, joints, and bones and wreak havoc on your health. Most disease is really nothing more than an attempt on the weak part of the body to rid itself of these toxins through one of the body’s elimination routes…’

Ten Amazing Food Facts

New Study Links Aluminium Intake to Osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s Disease
How to Reduce Exposure

How to Deal With Your Hellish Job
‘So how do you beat back that creeping feeling that your job is going to eventually wind up sucking? Sure, many circumstances warrant quitting your job. If it really is time to walk, you should do that. This post is for the rest of us. Here, we’ll walk you through some tips to stay focused, upbeat, and happy with your work—especially if it’s the work that attracted you to a job in the first place…’

Technomads — The Wireless Generation
Do you want to work 9-5 online in order to travel the world? Read this:


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