Mobile Carriers and Customer Service

Why Mobile Carriers Don’t Care

A Removable User Identity Module for KDDI Mobi...

One shameless provider killed 2 of my SIM cards just because I don’t use my phone much

‘People love to complain about their carrier — it’s become something of a national pastime. But the truth remains that carriers are a necessary evil and whichever company offers the best coverage in your area is the one you’re going to go with.

‘So the next time you get that wireless bill in the mail and you uncover those hidden fees, or you receive a notification that you’ll have to change your plan to fit the carrier’s new offerings and you grab the phone to call and threaten to cancel, just stop. Canceling will cost you hundreds. So, pull up a coverage map and see that this carrier is truly what’s best for you, whether you like it or not. Customer service doesn’t mean a thing…’

Hidden Kindle Features You Should Know About
‘With eBooks on the rise, eReaders, specifically Amazon’s Kindle, are becoming more and more popular. If you have a Kindle are you aware that you can do more than just reading on it? There are many other features included with the Kindle that you can take advantage of to make your reading experience even more enjoyable.

‘These are features like taking screenshots, quick bookmarking, translations, sharing to Facebook and Twitter, text-to-speech, integrated Wikipedia access, passcode protection and much more. Let’s dive into exploring the device that entertains more than just our sense of touch…’

UFO or Lens Flare?
This was caught in Google Street View. A lens flare is created when non-image forming light enters the lens and subsequently hits the camera’s film or digital sensor. Simply put, a light reflection.

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