Are The Best Spies in Mossad And The CIA Women?

Hold your fire hombres. I’m not a feminist and it’s not my opinion. If these are facts, just grin and bear it.

‘…Last week, in a stunning departure from protocol, the head of Mossad – Israel’s national intelligence agency – singled out his female field agents for praise. “Women have a distinct advantage in secret warfare because of their ability to multitask,” Tamir Pardo said to Israel’s Lady Globes. He also added that women are “better at playing a role” and superior to men when it comes to “suppressing their ego in order to attain the goal.”

One of the CIA’s best-kept secrets

‘Lindsay Moran worked for the CIA for five years. Trained at the infamous‘Farm’ in surveillance, counter-surveillance and survival techniques such as weapons training and defensive driving [driving backwards fast while only looking at the rear-view mirror], she was posted to Eastern Europe where her job focused on recruiting ‘agents’ who would then pass intelligence to the CIA.

‘She tells me that one of the CIA’s best-kept secrets is that their most talented spies are women…’

Is Japan Most Spiritual?
‘Is Japan a spiritual-oriented or materialistic society? The answer is definitively spiritual, according to the most recent national livelihood survey by the Cabinet Office. The highest percentage of Japanese ever — 64 percent — said they are now placing priority on “spiritual fulfillment” rather than “material richness.”…’

A Lesson on Materialism
Would you stay on food stamps if you become a millionaire? Amanda Clayton did and possibly died from drug overdose

‘…Clayton was propelled into the spotlight after a local news outlet learned she had won the game show in September 2011, but continued to take welfare benefits. At the time, she said she was entitled to the payments because she still needed help.

‘The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office did not provide information Saturday night about the cause of Clayton’s death. Attempts to reach her family on Saturday were unsuccessful…’


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    “Are The Best Spies in Mossad And The CIA Women?”
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