Google Warning on State-Sponsored Attacks

Anti-Islams mostly the targets

‘In June, many Google users were surprised to see an unusual greeting at the top of their Gmail inbox, Google home page or Chrome browser. “Warning: We believe state-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account or computer.”

‘On Tuesday, tens of thousands more Google users will begin to see that message. The company said that since it started alerting users to malicious — probably state-sponsored — activity on their computers in June, it has picked up thousands more instances of cyberattacks than it anticipated…’

Rationality in Action
Prime Your Brain for Skeptical Thinking
You can’t make the best decisions without skeptical or logical thinking

‘Sam Nelson defines a fallacy as: A shortcut way to make an argument that has a flaw in logic. A ton of recognized fallacies exist. For example, the affirming the consequent is a formal fallacy (a pattern of reasoning that is always wrong) that’s easy to identify because it fits into a strict form that’s usually written like this:…’
Look at a Problem as an Outsider

Marcos disowns Philippine cybercrime libel
Marcos said RA 10175’s “libel clause must be amended and free speech upheld.” “I will file a bill to that effect and support all efforts made in the same direction,” he added.

Other senators supporting our fight
Senators Escudero, Alan Peter Cayetano, Pia Cayetano, and Angara have vowed to file Senate bills amending the legislation signed into law September 12 by President Benigno Aquino.

Don’t forget to support Electronic Frontier Foundation
It’s the only international activist group that supported our fight against cybercrime libel


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