5.1 Million US Jobs from the Internet

There is a poster that says ‘Destroy Internet, That will make jobs’. Obvious sarcasm because this post proves the reverse is true

‘Between 2007 and 2011, a period when U.S. civilian employment was essentially flat, the number of jobs that rely on the U.S. ad-supported internet doubled to 5.1 million, according to “Economic Value of the Advertising-Supported Internet Ecosystem,” a study commissioned by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). The ad-supported digital industry directly employs 2 million Americans, and indirectly employs a further 3.1 million in other sectors. Calculating against those figures, the interactive marketing industry contributed $530 billion to the U.S. economy last year, also close to double 2007 figures that placed it at $300 billion. These are the key findings that analyze the economic importance, as well as the social benefits, of the Internet…’

The Best Thing About Facebook
I’m not fond of Facebook but I laud anything that deserves laud. Name all the social networks you know and I’m probably using it. LinkedIn and Twitter users are usually serious and business-minded. The warmest site next to Facebook (FB) is Google+ where users combine business and leisurely talks. Since my focus is on working and career, I’m busiest on Twitter and only visit FB when I’m prompted. If you want to strengthen family ties, meet on Facebook. That’s the best thing about FB networking

‘Some days kids just don’t want to head off to school in the morning. Such was the case one day with Beth Blecherman’s 13-year-old son. He wished he were somewhere else, and she knew that.

‘When he returned home after putting in his best effort in school, he did what he usually does; checked his Facebook account. One post in particular stood out among the rest.

‘“Feeling proud of my son for working hard today at school,” his mom wrote on her wall.

‘When Blecherman updated her status, she did it intentionally. Knowing that her son would see it — they are friends on Facebook — the words were meant to encourage. Her son “liked” the update, then so did the boy’s grandparents…’

Banned, Blocked, or Censored
‘In discussions online and off about this subject, one person’s ban is another person’s block, and sometimes both or neither are censorship.

‘In 2011, The Straw Buyer (warning: flashing graphic on article) announced that they were banned from the City of Miami computer networks and ID department along with several other “watchdog” and political watching blogs covering Miami, Florida, and the state. In 2010, eaves.ca created a list of banned blogs in response to a colleague’s blog blocked by a government IT policy. His list included government agencies that block his own blog and others including The Snarky Optimist by a public servant, and Dries Buytaert, the creator and project lead for Drupal…’

Start A Farm For Less Than The New iPhone
‘A confession: I spend more on cell phone upgrades than gardening supplies. I don’t even like talking on them, but it sure is compelling to buy the latest mobile tech immediately. Farming is great in a theoretical sense, but there are some practical problems: I like sleeping until noon and traveling more than getting up before the crack of dawn every day to feed the chickens and water the plants.

‘Fortunately for us, applying a little bit of tech to food creation can more than offset our modern, lazy ways. Here are 10 ‘buy-now’ projects to help you produce your own food, with a total cost of less than the price of the new iPhone…’

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