First Person to Live With No Heart

That is, for 6 months

‘A 37-year-old man from Czech Republic recently became the first man to live without a heart for six months.
Jakub Halik, a former firefighter lived without a pulse for six months after undergoing pioneering surgery in April when doctors removed his heart and replaced it with mechanical pumps, according to The Sun…’

Nasty Joke on UK Facebook Prompts Arrest
Man charged over April Jones Facebook post

‘A man from Lancashire has been charged with making an offensive post on Facebook about missing five-year-old April Jones.

‘Police are still searching for April, who was last seen in Machynlleth, Powys, Wales, on Monday…’

A Suitcase That Follows You Around
Lugging baggages is not a problem anymore with the handicapped

‘Hop is a suitcase that follows the user. Represents the next generation of luggage, the following. The suitcase contains three receivers that are able to receive, identify and triangulate different signals coming from the user’s cell phone. A microcontroller interprets these signals calculating the phone’s position regarding to the suitcase. The same microcontroller operates a caterpillar system based on compressed air, which follows the user at a constant distance. If the signal is lost the user is alerted by the vibration of the phone and suitcase locks itself. The bags can be programmed to follow one to another or are controlled jointly by the staff that handles the baggage at airports or stations. If a suitcase can move by itself, besides facilitating the lives of a large number of travellers, families, disabled people, … could also spare all the elements that moves externally the baggage (conveyor belts , carts, …)…’

Sanebox: Priority Inbox for Gmail
If you adore your Gmail, paying for this app is a fair deal. Could be the most useful non-freeware Gmail app

Gmail Image Insertion
Do you know you can add or paste an image directly into your message body? Just enable the “inserting images” in Labs. This might only work in Chrome though

The Most Useful Bookmarklets
Enhance Your Browsing Experience
Another great Gmail app included here

‘Bookmarklets are JavaScript links you can place on your browser’s toolbar that add one-click functionality to the browser or webpage. They are free and help make repetitive tasks in your browser quicker and easier to perform.

‘Use bookmarklets to add functionality to your browser, such as modifying the appearance of a webpage, extracting data from a webpage, and search for highlighted text in a search engine or online encyclopedia.

‘We’ve collected some links to useful bookmarklets here to enhance your browsing experience…’


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