Can You Sense the Future?

Paranormal Smoke

Paranormal Smoke (Photo credit: Nicky Pallas)

Can Your Body Sense Future Events Without Any External Clue?
I know some people who do. My close friends, kin, and I do and experienced it together. I have a nephew from 300 miles away who senses when I was coming when she was a pre-schooler. This post by Northwestern is one of the simplest exposition on ESP

‘A person playing a video game at work while wearing headphones, for example, can’t hear when his or her boss is coming around the corner.

‘“But our analysis suggests that if you were tuned into your body, you might be able to detect these anticipatory changes between two and 10 seconds beforehand and close your video game,” Mossbridge said. “You might even have a chance to open that spreadsheet you were supposed to be working on. And if you were lucky, you could do all this before your boss entered the room.”

‘This phenomenon is sometimes called “presentiment,” as in “sensing the future,” but Mossbridge said she and other researchers are not sure whether people are really sensing the future…’
Bizarre Ways Brain Scans Can Predict the Future
How computers read our minds is one thing that scares me most. They can even predict what products you’ll buy. But I don’t believe tech can beat humans in prediction accuracy.
I was wondering too — which people are more prone to sensing the future, optimists or pessimists? I didn’t find an answer and found this instead:
Skeptics, Paranormal Researchers, and the Shyness Effect

Responsible Parenthood: Slow Parenting
‘The pressure to give our children the best of everything and make them the best at everything is backfiring on kids, parents and society as a whole. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Pioneering leader of the Slow movement, Carl Honoré believes we can use this knowledge to start rescuing childhood from the excesses of the early 21st century…’

$780K Virginity Sold and Bought at Auction
The 20-year-old Brazilian Catarina Migliorini has been auctioning off her virginity online for the past few weeks until a Japanese bought it. But a male virgin fetches only $3K in same event


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4 Responses to Can You Sense the Future?

  1. ckc4me says:

    I found your article on presentiments both concise and well written. It piqued my interest because I have wrtitten a book on Lincoln and the paranormal, due for publication in January, in which presentiments loom large. I have also penned an article on Civil War era presentiments–which were quite common–although the term had a very specific meaning during the war. At any rate, well done.

    Oh yes, and I agree with your blog statement that academic philosophers tend towards snobbery; the word philosophy means “love of wisdom’ and in my experience they are anything but lovers of wisdom. Plato, by the way, essentially argued for precognition: that we essentially already know everything and that philosophy was a method for remembering what we arleady know.


  2. bebo2781 says:

    Fascinating. I do believe we all have a little bit of ESP in us, we just need to learn how to exercise that part of the brain and exploit it. Maybe some day humans will have evolved to that point.

    Another thing that I am quite certain of, the fact that we are never alone.
    Check this out:


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