Hurricane Sandy Updates

How to find a shelter, what to bring with you
Preparing Your Smartphone For Hurricane Sandy
‘These days, we rely on our gadgets for everything. Perhaps too much. That is why when we see a mammoth storm bearing down, such as Hurricane Sandy is this week, we think of the basics. Non-perishable food. Lots and lots of water. Batteries. But, our smartphones and tablets can also help us prepare for the brunt of the storm and make sure we stay connected to family, friends and vital information…’
Major Problem: Batteries

In the Eye of the Storm: Capturing Sandy’s Wrath
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‘States along the East Coast were pummeled by post-tropical storm Sandy on Monday as it approached and then struck land.

‘It officially moved ashore along the coast of southern New Jersey, but the large storm is affecting a much wider area.

‘By Monday night, more than 2.8 million customers were without power across 11 states and the District of Columbia, according to the latest CNN estimate.

‘Here’s a look at how coastal states are dealing with the storm:…’

Food Labels: What you’re really buying
‘What’s in a label? A guide to understanding what natural, organic, free-range, hormone-free…really mean.

‘From meat to dairy, produce to pasta, food labels tout all sorts of claims that probably shouldn’t be taken at face value. Here are some of the most common statements and how to know what you’re really getting in that package…’

Smiles and Snobbery
Study shows people return smiles based on feelings of status and power

‘…In analyzing the results, the researchers found that those people who were feeling more powerful tended to smile in response to smiles on the faces of people that were deemed less powerful or lower in status, but didn’t smile back when smiled at by someone that was deemed more powerful. Those that were feeling less powerful on the other hand tended to smile back at anyone that smiled at them.

‘Carr suggested in his presentation that the results of the study show that people smile back at those that they feel are less powerful than them as a means of displaying their own status. And when they are feeling powerful, they hold back on smiling at others perceived as more powerful to avoid showing deference. When people are feeling low power they smile back at everyone as a sign of submission…’

Even Size of Children’s Brain Determined by Love
Horrifying scans that show the real impact of love: Brain of neglected child is much smaller than that of a normal three-year-old

‘According to neurologists the sizeable difference between these two brains has one primary cause – the way were treated by their mothers

‘Both of these images are brain scans of a two three-year-old children,

‘Brain on the left is considerably larger, has fewer spots and less dark areas, compared to the one on the right…’

More Widely Believed Misconceptions
‘I can’t help myself when it comes to facts and misconceptions – I love them. It is probably my favorite Listverse category in fact. We already have a huge number of lists dealing with this topic but there is always room for more. Below we look at 15 misconceptions previously not covered here…’


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