How to Fix Your Zombie Computer

Citizens Band

Citizens Band (Photo credit: bittermelon)

What to do if you discover your computer is part of a botnet

Is your PC a botnet or zombie (I call it zombot) being used by hackers or crackers for cybercrime? They could be using your PC to distribute eMail spam or worse, using it for distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. That makes you crime liable too. Here’s what you do if you discover your computer is part of a botnet

Geeks Wanted for DHS’ ‘Cyber Reserve’
‘Just three weeks after Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told an audience at the Sea, Air and Space Museum that the U.S. is on the brink of a “cyber Pearl Harbor,” the government has decided it needs to beef up the ranks of its digital defenses. It’s assembling a league of extraordinary computer geeks for what will be known as the “Cyber Reserve.”…’

Man Arrested for Tweeting a New Headline
Ravi Srinivasan faces up to three years in jail if found guilty

‘Mr. Srinivasan, a 45-year-old supplier of plastic parts to telecom companies and a volunteer with India Against Corruption, had on October 20 tweeted from his Twitter account @ravi_the_indian : “got reports that karthick chidambaram has amassed more wealth than vadra.” Other such tweets reportedly made references to Mr. P. Chidambaram.

‘Mr. Srinivasan is however appalled by the reaction his tweet has provoked. “At 5 a.m. on Tuesday [October 30] morning, I was woken up and pulled out of my house by CBCID men and told I was under arrest because of my tweets,” he told The Hindu. “My wife and two daughters were in shock. What wrong have I done?”…’
Right to information campaigners has set up a page for all those who want to support Ravi Srinivasan here

Online Shame Campaign Against “Epal” Politicians

‘With less than a year into the 2013 national elections, netizens launched an online shame campaign against the common practice of Filipino politicians to attach their names to government projects that are funded or assisted by their office.

‘These politicians are labelled “epal,” a Filipino slang term meaning “attention grabber,” for using public funds and programs to promote themselves through tarpaulins and other publicity materials.

‘The campaign initiators encourage people to submit photos that expose “epal” politicos to the #epalwatch blog. An Anti-epal Facebook page has over 33,000 likes and dozens of submissions by concerned netizens…’

Turn Your iPhone Into a CB Radio
‘The CB Radio iPhone Handset is just a lot of fun. Plug it into your iPhone (or any smart phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack) and get ready for loads of retro fun. A dial on the side turns the unit on and pumps up the volume, it’s got a belt clip, blah blah blah. But the real joy of the CB Radio iPhone Handset is the mute button. All it does is mute the other side of the conversation, but what it really does is make the experience all the more like a real one-way CB dialog. The CB Radio iPhone Handset is great for whenever you want to talk to your good buddy and feel like the cubicle trucker you are…’

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