Simplify Your Social Monitoring with Topsy

Image representing Topsy as depicted in CrunchBase
Topsy is a search engine that gets a pulse on what people are saying about you online and also shows you trending topics that would be good to add to your Netvibes dashboard

Some of the topics that you’ll want to search for on Topsy are:
Your name
Your company/brand name
Your product name(s)
Your competition
Your industry
Your website URL(s) (leave off the “www”)
Your email address
Your employees’ names

The New Acer C7 Chromebook
Google Launches $199 Acer Chromebook With 320 GB Hard Drive

‘Microsoft has never seen this kind of competition before and it’s going hurt Microsoft real bad. Google has announced a $199 Acer Chromebook available immediately from various stores. This Chromebook joins the recently launched ARM-powered Samsung Chromebook which was priced at $249.

‘These Chromebooks are great alternative to expensive Microsoft laptops and they are priced aggressively to make a lot of users to switch to Chromebooks…’

Bitcasa is a cloud storage and synchronization tool which gives infinite space to whichever folders you’d like. Unlike Dropbox, Bitcasa’s main focus is actually expanding your folder’s available storage space to a virtually unlimited amount rather than synchronization. This is achieved by simply connecting the folder to Bitcasa’s cloud, where you aren’t limited to a quota.

Get instant analytics of your website here

Don’t Cripple your Netbook with Heavyweight Security
I have tried many AVs and anti-malware on my netbook and not one of their creators mentioned that the product is not advised for netbooks. If your netbook is always gradually slowing down and freezing, heavyweight apps, anti-virus, anti-malware, and firewall are one sure reason. Thanks to Craig Snyder for the reminder.


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