Lottery Winners Who Became Losers

The Tragic Stories of the Lottery’s Unluckiest Winners

Manuel Betancourt - $2,500 Million Dollar Match

Manuel Betancourt – $2,500 Million Dollar Match (Photo credit: Idaho Lottery)

Winning the lotto isn’t enough. Here is proof that knowing what to do after is a must

‘Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot is now expected to be an unimaginable $500 million, the second-biggest jackpot in history behind March’s $656 Mega Millions pot. But winning the lottery can have its pitfalls. Distant relatives and fair-weather friends can come clamoring for their share; spouse can turn on spouse; kidnapping and murder can suddenly become very real threats. And sometimes, the greatest danger to the newly well-off can be the winners themselves. Here are ten cautionary tales some of the biggest-winning losers in lottery history…’

7 Ways to Make Money From Your Smartphone or Tablet
‘You may see your smartphone and data plan as just another monthly expense. However, many cash-strapped smartphone users are turning their mobile devices into portable ATM machines.’Forget playing yet another round of Angry Birds during your daytime downtime: here are 7 legit strategies that you can tap into to actually earn money on the go…’

More Bizarre Unexplained Mysteries
‘For months our Facebook fans have been begging for a new mystery list. Your calls do not go unheeded! Today I am presenting another curious list of mysteries – I have made a special effort to use only items never before found on the site. It is my hope that everything here is new to most of you. If you can think of other mysteries that have never featured here before tell us in the comments – but I predict you won’t be able to as I think we are starting to run out of mysteries of the world!…’

25 Methods for Killing With Your Bare Hands

Ways to Safeguard Your Digital Assets
Ensure your assets in case of disability or death

‘Just because you don’t know how “the Twitter” works, don’t think you’re off the hook. Planning for digital assets is something that anyone crafting a will—or power of attorney—should consider these days, particularly given that laws vary state by state and an increasing number of families are finding themselves locked out of their loved one’s accounts. (Read TIME’s full report on the legislative rush to protect your digital legacy)…’


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