How Powerful is Willpower?

Seven Productivity Myths, Debunked by Science
listverse-black-power-fistDuring the mid 70s, Honda made the Japanese word ‘mugen’ (means ‘unlimited’ (power)) popular in motocross sport. Of course the meaning is figurative. Does unlimited power exist in human mind too? I say that’s against logic. If our minds have unlimited power, that would mean we can control nature, and even God.

‘…The result is that we’re constantly exercising willpower and self-control. Makes sense, but the problem is that willpower is like a muscle capable of fatigue: you can’t keep any muscle flexed forever. To test this, researchers placed participants in situations in which they had to practice self-control—not laughing at a funny movie or not eating chocolate-chip cookies in front of them. The control group could laugh or eat as many cookies as they wanted…’

Is it possible to Stop Thinking?
The primary step of mental yoga is to empty the mind i.e., to stop thinking. Science is contradicting that again. During the primitive ages, humans never stop worrying about predators which were everywhere. Now in the hi-tech age, we have more to worry and think about.

‘Optimal moment-to-moment readiness requires a brain that is working constantly, an effort that takes a great deal of energy. (To put this in context, the modern human brain is only 2 percent of our body weight, but it uses 20 percent of our resting energy.) Such an energy-hungry brain, one that is constantly seeking clues, connections and mechanisms, is only possible with a mammalian metabolism tuned to a constant high rate…’


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