Seven Deadly Sins of Netizens

Samsung NX10
‘Recently Prof Alan Woodward from the University of Surrey wrote a great article for the BBC. He wrote about the deadly sins of users which may lead to getting their accounts hacked, losing their personal data and so on.

‘As you know BartVPN wants to keep you secure. That’s why I prepared our own take on those deadly sins. Read, learn and protect yourself…’

Here are the 7 Deadly Sins

Apps for Creeping or Spying
Play spy with your smartphone cams

‘…While we’re not advocating sinister, paranoid behavior (take a hike, stalkers), sometimes it’s helpful and downright fun to act like James Bond. And it turns out, you don’t need all the slick gadgets to do it.

These seven iPhone and Android apps will get you started, secret agent-style…’

Mind Control is All Around Us
‘…Real mind control involves the activation and suppression of action potentials, the firing of an individual neuron, in a pattern which creates a real effect in the brain of humans. It can so subtle, you might not even notice it happening to you. Neurons fire in patterns, and in groups, and the result of these firing patterns is thoughts, feelings, movements, etc. It is scientifically possible to cause these firing patterns to be activated remotely, without the use of an implant, by “injecting” electricity into individual neurons using advanced technology…’

Start 2013 the Healthy Way
12 Health-Focused Apps to Help You

‘There’s no shortage of apps and gadgets designed to help make exercise more fun, social and ‘analyzable’ – RunKeeper, Fitbit, Sportlyzer, Strava, Endomondo, Nike+ and Runtastic, for example, are just a few. In fact, here are 10 fitness apps that will help reshape your workout.

‘But if you’re a keep-fit fanatic with a penchant for eking out the best tools to help you stay healthy, 2012 saw a slew of new handy apps that could also help you in your endeavors.

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