Tumblr Now Viral on Search Engines

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Searching for ‘Blog’ Now Means Searching for ‘Tumblr’
‘Fernando Alfonso III at the Daily Dot points out that “blog” searches have been on the decline since May 2009, just before Charles Arthur heralded blogging’s death in The Guardian. And Tumblr is no doubt popular: In a big new Forbes profile, Jeff Bercovici notes how the site became one of the top ten “online destinations” in November: “Tumblr’s tens of millions of registered users create 120,000 new blogs every day, for a total of 86 million and counting, which drive some 18 billion page views per month.”…’

Interactive Sparks
Updates on what’s going on in vertical social networks and social media

Top 10 Self-Publishing Blogs 2012
‘Our inaugural Top Ten Self-Publishing Blogs contest triggered an avalanche of great nominations that kept our panel of self-publishing experts busy…

‘they very carefully reviewed the finalists, then made their decisions based on the quality of content, reader involvement, post frequency and other factors…

‘so without further ado, we are pleased to present the 10 self-publishing blogs you need to keep at the top of your reading list (plus, a surprise ‘People’s Choice’ award winner!)…’
Read the rest of this article on The Future of Ink


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