Why Big Bank Hates Net Tech

"I believe that banking institutions are ...

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. ~ Thomas Jefferson. (Photo credit: eyewashdesign: A. Golden)

‘Internet Technology Will Break Up Big Bank Monopoly’
Peer-to-Peer Lending and Crowd-Funding Have the Power to Change Finance

‘We don’t need giant banks.

‘As we noted in July, small banks do much more lending than big banks:

‘Do we need to keep the TBTFs to make sure that loans are made?


‘USA Today points out:…’

Social Media and the Power of Networks
Key Opinion Leaders on Twitter

‘…National key opinion leaders (famous journalists, bloggers, athletes) are active on multiple social media platforms, but the small number of follower bases point to the fact, that the person with the most followers is not neccesary the most influental one, when it comes to information distribution. We need to find out, which tweeter is the most relevant one, and has the power to form opinions when it comes to our products. We can achieve this through Twitter data using the methods of data mining. The user’s position in the network is another key factor (i.e. how many followers does the user have in common with our competing brand). Compared to Twitter, Facebook has open activity data, which means that we can easily access information regarding the users network of contacts…’

We Are Here To Change The World
Think freedom….live freedom….and we shall be free.
Song-Harmony by Nature


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