Crucial Professional Online Presence

Sundar Pichai presenting at the Chromebook lau...
How to create yours for the job market
‘How does that phrase go again? It’s not what you know, it’s who you know? Yes. That’s it! Well, that’s what creating an online presence is all about. Some people have accidentally fallen into a career by doing this without really “trying” and have become very successful. However, for many (and probably the majority) it takes a lot of effort, but also quite a bit of know-how…’

Blogger Makes $333,000 Online in One Day
But Sullivan was already a professional and famous blogger for Daily Beast before that

‘It may sound like the first line of a particularly fiendish piece of spam. But a blogger has now in fact brought in a third of a million dollars in roughly 24 hours — all while working from home, presumably at some point in his PJs.

‘Of course, it helps that the blogger in question was Andrew Sullivan, commentator extraordinaire. It also helps that he’s spent the last decade or so brewing his blog, the Daily Dish, into a potent mixture of serious moral analysis, must-read aggregation, and palate-cleansing videos (the “mental health break”). So no, this isn’t necessarily something you could replicate at home…’

Erly: Create Free Digital Invitations To Any Event
erly-create-event‘In this digital age, inviting friends and family to a special occasion is now as easy as sending them an email or a link to a web page. For those who prefer a modern way of sending invites as opposed to the more traditional ones sent by post, Erly is a great option. The web service is free, easy to use and flexible enough to suit any event that matters to you…’

Chrome Clickjacking Vulnerability
It Could Expose User Information on Google, Amazon
It’s such a waste that Chromebook is now the hottest laptop on Amazon

‘Luca De Fulgentis, who writes about security for Nibble Security’s blog, detailed the issue earlier this week, along with another separate data extraction method.

‘De Fulgentis shows how a user’s information can be extracted with the help of a malicious page using information on a page from Google’s support forums. If logged in, users’ e-mail addresses, names and profile picture URL can be extracted from the browser via, while similar user information can be extracted from web resources belonging to Microsoft’s and Yahoo!’s Profiles pages.

The Frustrating Truth About Google’s Chromebook
‘The incredibly inexpensive and highly portable Google Chromebook only works if you don’t have to go anywhere with it.

‘”Later” turned out to be on the airplane, somewhere between New York and California. Out came the Chromebook, small enough to fit on my lap or the tray table comfortably. But when I opened it, it wouldn’t start. A black screen stared me in the face. Not even the power button glowed…’


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