“Health” Companies to Avoid in 2013


GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD (Photo credit: The Rocketeer)

‘Recently California had the opportunity to force GM foods to be labelled under Proposition 37. Thanks to a massive campaign on the part of corporations using GM foods, the bill was shot down. Based on the research of The Cornucopia Institute, here are some of the companies who opposed this important legislation. In other words, they don’t think you have the right to know what is in the food you put in your body:…’

Pill That Stops Shopaholicism and Male Sperms
Medical Breakthroughs That Make Life Shockingly Easy

‘And as lame as it sounds, it can be just as serious as any other behavioral disorder. It can lead to ruined credit histories, failed marriages, and theft. But what is a sufferer supposed to do about it, you ask? This isn’t like some chemical addiction where it sort of makes sense that a drug could curb the impulse. Are you honestly going to take a pill that magically suppresses the urge to shop?

‘Well, yeah. Have you even been paying attention to this article at all?…’

10 Strange Medical Conditions
‘Human beings may be one of the few species on the planet with the gift of self-consciousness; however this defends our plain biological constitution from the plague of illness in very few ways. Over our long history, epidemics have come and gone, some causing absolute devastation and others mere confusion. Today we shall look at 10 of the most peculiar illnesses that continue to affect our species…’

10 Facts That Will Ruin Your Childhood Memories
Mood rings can kill you

‘Mood rings were a favorite of children in the 1970s, and have entertained many generations to follow. The idea behind them was novel indeed – who wouldn’t want to wear a ring that changed color depending on your mood? The ingredient that makes this happen is called liquid crystal; its particles rearrange with changes in temperature, which in turn changes its color. It is liquid crystal that you’ll find in LCD TV and computer screens. But what most kids aren’t aware of is the toxic mercury and arsenic ingredients in liquid crystal, making mood rings a particularly lethal toy in the hands – and mouths – of children…’


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