2 On-line Safety Tools You Must Use

Being safe online isn’t really that hard apart from always using and updating all your safety programs (including antivirus).

WebofTrust (WoT)
WoT gives you warning when a website should be trusted or not. At the end of every URL, online search results, and even email links, there will be a green, yellow, or red alert. Green means trusted. Orange a warning, and Red means back out from the unsafe site. WoT might give a false flag but I haven’t yet read anything negative about WoT.

Firefox NoSript

NoScript will slow down your computer operation but it’s worth it. NoScript will let you decide if you will fully allow or temporarily allow JavaScript, Java, Flash, and other plugins, to be executed only by trusted web sites of your choice (ex: your online bank). The downside to NoScript is that you could only use it on Firefox — which is really not downside. Firefox is always a contender for the best browser and is my primary browser.

The wonderful thing about using both WebofTrust and Firefox NoScript is that they collaborate. If WoT warns you about a certain URL or link, then you’re sure not to fully allow it on NoScript.


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