Credit Card Ring Stole $200M

Credit card

Credit card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cyber-crime ring stole $200M, invented 7,000 fake IDs, ripped off thousands of credit cards. 13 arrested
‘The FBI today said it broke up what it called one of the largest credit card, cyber-fraud schemes in its history – a $200M scam that created more than 7,000 false identities and tens of thousands of fake credit cards.

‘The FBI said it arrested 13 people involved in the scam the agency said maintained more than 1,800 “drop addresses,” located across the country including houses, apartments, and post office boxes, which they used as the mailing addresses of the false identities…’

‘Why Aaron Died’ – Girlfriend
‘Aaron Swartz, the late digital rights activist and hacker, did not kill himself because he was depressed, according to his girlfriend.

‘Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman found Swartz dead in their Brooklyn apartment on Jan. 11, and as she explains, she is the person Swartz spent the most time with in the last 20 months of his life — living together, commuting together and working together. And for her, that person she spent so much time with was not showing symptoms of depression, according to an emotional blog post on Tumblr…’

How to Overeat yet Lose 55 lbs
‘Only in the realm of the chef would such a Rabelaisian outing be seen as fairly commonplace. But when they have a night off, many cooks cram in as many bars and restaurants as possible to get a sense of what their comrades are up to.

‘Which leads to some questions that feel relevant to anyone who has ever tried to unlock the mysteries of weight loss, particularly after the excesses of the holidays and Super Bowl Sunday: How can a person who eats like that, even sporadically, relieve himself of roughly one-fifth of his bulk? And how do you control your consumption of food when you’re always surrounded by it?…’

Stretch Your Money Farther with These Global Travel Hacks
‘The travel industry does a good job of hiding deals and affordable ways to travel. They prefer to paint the image that travel is very expensive and in order to have an enjoyable vacation, you must spend a lot of money. Why? Because big, expensive vacations mean more money for them. And, it’s the big hotels that have advertising budgets, not small mom and pop shops. As a result, people tend to be unaware of the plethora of ways to save money on traveling...’


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