Pandora’s Coffin

English: Hugh Bayley British Labour politician...

English: Hugh Bayley British Labour politician and Member of Parliament for York 1992 onwards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why letting ‘sleeping dogs lie’ is often right. Hate mail could be fatal and had driven people to suicide

‘The head of historic British church York Minster has contacted police after receiving hate mail, intensifying the row over where the recently-discovered remains of King Richard III should be buried.York lawmaker Hugh Bayley told parliament that the Dean of York, Vivienne Faull, had been caught in the crossfire between those who want the former monarch buried in York, and those who wish for him to be interred in the central England city of Leicester, where his remains were found.

‘”I received many letters and emails from members of the public about this, supporting burial in York,” Bayley said.

‘”Most are thoughtful and well argued and based on scientific facts but some are frankly inflammatory and talking yesterday to the Dean of York, some that she has received at the minster are so extreme that she has referred the correspondence to the police…’

Cries From the Gulf: “We Are Being Poisoned” (Pt. 3)
‘At one time, the EPA told BP to not use Corexit because it knew the deadly consequences. BP gave the EPA the big middle finger and showed the federal government who was really in charge.

‘Kim Anderson’s Oregon State University (OSU) team of researchers, from the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences, began a test-retest comparative analysis for the carcinogenic contaminant polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and its biodegradable partner, OPAHs, which appears after the application of Corexit and subsequent exposure to ultraviolet rays. Stunningly, the OSU researchers found a 40 fold increase in these carcinogenic compounds in the comparative test-retest period.The omnipresent dangers to Gulf Coast residents is self-evident in light of this research. It is noteworthy that the OSU researchers had the first draft of their report stolen before the results could be published…’

Why a Straight Body Might Become S-Shaped [Video]
‘See how the seahorse’s curiously curved trunk, bent head and long snout help it to catch its dinner.

‘Seahorses evolved from straight-bodied swimmers like pipefish. A new study published in the journal Nature Communications shows why a straight body might become S-shaped…’

To read the original research paper, click here


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