Joe McNally’s Adventures in Manila

Jeepney in Manila, Philippines

Jeepney in Manila, Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Joe is an internationally acclaimed photographer and contributor to National Geographic

‘When I went to the Philippines earlier this year, my friend and fellow shooter JoJo Mamangun contacted me. Would I like to work with his wife, Kris, a ballerina and Cirque du Soleil dancer? I think I simply wrote back something like, “En route.” As luck would have it, she was rehearsing for the role of Titania in Midsummer Night’s Dream for Ballet Philippines.

‘While there I also wanted to come up with some pix that were distinctly Filipino. From my first visit some years ago, I fell in love with Jeepneys. They are a cross between a classic Jeep and a bus, and thousands of them ply the streets of Manila everyday. They are privately owned, so there’s no one Jeepney quite like another. Some are crusty, working vehicles. Others are the technicolor dreams of their drivers set to wheels, festooned with decals, ads, sponsor logos, skulls, mascots of American sports teams, slogans, images of the Virgin Mary, you name it. A rough equivalent would be a NASCAR that moves slow and carries passengers…’

Seals Yelling Like Humans
And you thought goats were the only animals who sound like humans when they yell.

Weird Sensory Marketing Tricks Companies Use On Us
‘It is a well known fact that your memory and smells are tied closely together (this is called the Proust phenomenon). More than pictures or sounds, a scent can really bring back memories and invoke emotions. Companies know this all too well and make use of scents and sounds to jolt your brain into liking or enjoying something. The true secret of successfully marketing a product is to pair a store or a product with a specific scent. If you feel at home in a store, you are more likely to buy.

‘The first time you notice a new type of scent you will subconsciously connect this scent to an item or a person. After that the scent will trigger the response that you experienced to that person or item and a happy response. Let’s see how we are all affected by this…’
full list

Activism Forces Whole Foods to Adopt Mandatory GMO Labeling
‘Thanks to the same tireless activism that has led to national and international regulation of GMOs, the health food industry giant that is Whole Foods has announced that it will be rolling out mandatory GMO labels to indicate whether or not a product contains GMOs by 2018. It’s a move that, despite a larger time window than most consumers want, signifies a massive shift towards a GMO-free food chain…’

Dining Etiquette [infographic]
For the young and those who rarely dine formally

‘Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant and wondered what the extra spoons and forks were for? I most defiantly have. I actually went to a fancy wedding a few years ago and was so flustered with the utensil options that I ended up spilling my water all over the table! Talk about bad table manners! Knowing table etiquette is extremely useful when trying to make a good impression at a work interview or at a first date. However, etiquette classes can be costly for the average person.

‘Thankfully, today’s infographic gives a brief overview of table etiquette and which utensil is used for what. I had the opportunity to attend a real class, and I can tell you that today’s inforgaphic is the real deal, for free! So learn up and feel confident on your next date or job interview!…’


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