Writing About Bitcoin: Disclosure Dilemma

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Bitcoin, which I call the Internet Money, is becoming so popular it has become a real threat to traditional banking and currencies.
Why Bitcoin poses an interesting ethical conundrum for journalists
Should a writer who has bought into Bitcoin come with a clear disclosure? Another journo argues that ‘writers covering Bitcoin may actually have an obligation to buy into it on a low level, so they can conduct a few transactions and basically have a clearer idea of what they’re talking about in their coverage.’

How to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly
Test your website for mobile compatibility

Eight million people in the UK access the Internet from their smartphone every day.* There are 23 million smartphones in the UK – almost 50% of all mobile phones. Does your business have a mobile friendly site? If not – or if you’re not sure – you’ve come to the right place to get started.

How to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

The Difference Between Running Your Blog On WordPress.com & WordPress.org
I think stating the disadvantages of both will help us to choose better so here they are:

WordPress.com Disadvantages
Limited choice of themes, plugins, and settings.
You can’t make any money through advertising.
Custom domain costs $25/year and is essential for future proofing.
No control over anything.

WordPress.org Disadvantages
Heightened security risks from malicious themes, plugins and core hacks.
No one will help you if things go wrong.
Depending on your hosting, costs may be on you when additional bandwidth is needed.
Slower at the cheap end; you need to expend effort and money for a fast self-hosted site.
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My 2 cents worth: If you don’t plan or need to monetize your blog, use WP.com.

Manage How & Where Your Images Are Used Online
The feature I like best is the auto-attribution

Use with permission
No more stealing of images online

Track your images
See where they are being used

Use for free
By promoting the creators Gain recognition
Images are auto-attributed with creators’ names

Or pay by CPM
You’ll be charged for only what was being used

Make money
Set your own price


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