Proof that Gun Control is not Working

Harris County Sheriff's Office (Texas)

Harris County Sheriff’s Office (Texas) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mass Stabbing Hits Texas College
‘At least 15 people were injured and a suspect was in custody after a stabbing at the Cy-Fair campus of Lone Star College Tuesday morning.

‘The suspect is Dylan Quick, 20, a law enforcement source told the Chronicle.

‘The stabbings happened about 11:20 a.m. at the campus at 9191 Barker Cypress, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office…’

John Stewart describes how the Monsanto Protection Act was snuck in under our noses
‘In taking on the Monsanto Protection Act last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart faulted Congress for being mostly unaware that the legislation protecting businesses that want to sell genetically modified foods was hidden in a bigger bill. Stewart compared the process of getting Monsanto passed to buying porno, then hiding it under a bigger purchase that might include, say, Mountain Dew and Funyuns.

‘There’s now an uproar most of Congress wasn’t even aware Monsanto was there. “So Congress is now acting with the same level of self awareness as a flatulent grandpa,” Stewart said…’

How a Leafy Folk Remedy Stopped Bedbugs in Their Tracks
Can’t access bean leaves? Synthetic leaves coming

‘Generations of Eastern European housewives doing battle against bedbugs spread bean leaves around the floor of an infested room at night. In the morning, the leaves would be covered with bedbugs that had somehow been trapped there. The leaves, and the pests, were collected and burned — by the pound, in extreme infestations.

‘Now a group of American scientists is studying this bedbug-leaf interaction, with an eye to replicating nature’s Roach Motel…’

Guardian Film of Casiguran APECO
Aurora, the Philippines: land deals and development at a price
Casiguran town map and facts
Local fishermen and laborers opposing this ‘development’ should know that this was supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. video


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