Is Thatcher The Most Hated Politician?

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have never seen anyone treated with such disrespect after death. How can Thatcher provoke such barbarism!?
‘The BBC has come under fire for a decision not to air a song, which has hit top of the charts after the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, in its weekly music countdown show.

‘The song, “Ding Dong! The witch is dead” from the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, is now contending to gain the top slot in Britain’s weekly list of the top 40 best-selling singles that are usually played in full on a BBC Radio 1 chart show on Sunday…’

30 years of loathing for Baroness Thatcher explodes in celebrations of her death. Will funeral now be targeted?
‘Violence erupts at death parties across UK as Left marks her death. Six officers injured in Bristol and Barnardos shop smashed in BrixtonGlasgow, Liverpool and Derry were also the scene of the Left’s parties More parties are now being planned for funeral date of next Wednesday…’

There was a motion to honor the late Margaret Thatcher in some way. This triggered arguments in Parliament.

How to Surely Get Attention
Dial 911, that’s how. Of course you could face charges if your call is not legit and you’ll never know if your call will cause someone else’s death

911 Over Sandwich
‘A Springfield, Mo., man earlier this week called 911 because he was unhappy with his sandwich order.The man, who was not named, was displeased with his Jimmy John’s order. He was not charged or arrested, but authorities weren’t pleased with the call, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

‘The man’s information was sent to the Greene County Prosecutor, and he could face charges…’

How do you explain this?
A plant rocks rhythmically without wind blowing

‘The video is fascinating (although you may want to hover your finger over the mute button while telling the narrator to STFU). A plant rocks back and forth like a metronome, while nearby vegetation remains (relatively) still. After the swaying is manually stopped, the plant resumes its oscillation.

‘This is of particular interest to me, because my wife and I have observed the identical phenomenon happening with one particular plant on a hillside within view of a back window at our home. When we first spotted it we watched with binoculars, expecting to see critters of some type disturbing the plant. We even wondered about underground activity, but that made no sense.

‘The limited web-based research I’ve done seems to indicate that what is depicted is a plant’s resonant frequency being magnified by imperceptible air currents. I found one study in the American Journal of Botany…’

Here are 2 explanations. One (or both?) is scientific and the other concerns spirituality:

‘This is a very similar oscillation one can observe in human individuals engaged in deep meditative practices. I have experienced it myself and observed it in others. In my opinion, this oscillation is a physical phenomenon of intense spiritual and physical cleansing…’
full story


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4 Responses to Is Thatcher The Most Hated Politician?

  1. mkwrk2 says:

    It was interesting time and a really historic trio-Regan, Thatcher, Gorbachev.

    Was later Dame Margaret a front-singer?
    M. Kerjman


  2. george-b says:

    Reblogged this on euzicasa and commented:
    I don’t think so. let’s see….What about stalin, hitler ceausescu and mao


  3. pochp says:

    Then my chosen photo was just right right? lol Thanks for humor Noel 🙂


  4. It is a toss up between Thatcher and Reagan.


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